Get Virus Free Device with Norton 360 Product

In the worst cases, the computer threats will occur that may lead to the negative impact on the user’s computer system. As we all know that the computer threats or a virus and other malware and spyware product leads the user system to change the default settings given by the user and some results in deleting all the important files and documents that have been stored in the user’s hard disk.  It is dangerous once you people have the virus or other malware products in your device. So it is wise to remove it as soon as possible which reduces the damage that may happen in the future.

There are many of the antivirus product have been originated but to delete the virus or malware products completely from user’s device, it is important to choose the best of the product. As per the user’s review, Norton 360 product has been one of the best that removes and deletes the virus residing in the user device.

If you felt that your device is infected by a virus, you have to do the following steps

  • Run Norton free scan to check for virus on your device
  • Use Norton free virus removal tool which helps to delete the virus and malware what is residing in the device
  • Install the latest version of the product to prevent the future damage

With the help of Norton power Eraser virus removal tool, you can get help to remove the virus from your device.


  • Runs on Microsoft Windows Operating system only
  • Won’t work with Mac OS X

Steps to use Norton Power Eraser Tool


  1. Download Norton Power Eraser from the official website of Norton 360 product
  2. Click “save” button
  3. Select location as Desktop, and then click Save
  4. Double-click the NPE.exe file and run Norton Power Eraser
  5. Click Yes or Continue if the User Account Control window prompts
  6. Click “I agree” to the terms and conditions
  7. if available, Download the new version

Run Norton for the complete scan

  1. In the Norton window, click scan for risk
  2. Wait for the scan to complete

Fix the damage

  1. When scan completed, it shows all the infected files
  2. Depends on the conditions, do following
  3. If it shows no risks, click ok to exit
  4. If you see any files listed as Bad with threats, it is suggested to remove those files
  5. If you see any file as unknown, then click cloud icon which sends a file to Symantec server and there it will scan it,
  • If it shows bad, click remove
  • If it shows unknown, just leave it as it is.
  1. Click fix now
  2. Restart your computer
  3. After successful removal of the virus, click finish

If you need more help, just refer to the official website of Norton 360 product and clear your doubts.

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    Norton Power Eraser Review is a small portable executable which uses Norton Insight in-the-cloud application ratings to scan a computer system.

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