Norton Incorrectly alerts that a file is infected, or a program or website is suspicious

Sometimes it happens for the Antivirus program to report the good file as the suspicious or the malicious one. It is true that all Antivirus programs have been designed and developed in a way to detect the malicious software or threats. In the same way, Norton Antivirus has been developed. But it happens that Norton Antivirus Program sometime mistakenly reports the good file as the threats or suspicious one.

A false report occur when the Norton antivirus security software incorrectly alerts that the files are inspected or a program or website is suspicious like,

  • Norton security alerts that a file or a program or a blog that is designed and developed by you or a genuine company is malicious or a threat
  • Norton security indicates that the genuine website is malicious and controls it from opening
  • Norton security sometimes block downloading of text files or other reporting it as the suspicious one
  • Norton security indicates file or a document that user believe is completely genuine but reported a threat. Examples: files or documents with extension .txt, WordPad, .log, .dbf

How to Report false detective action?

If the false report has happened with your Norton security software, before submitting the false report make sure that your Norton security has been updated. Users make sure to run the live update to install all the available updates for your Norton security product. After updating the available Norton security product, do run the full system scan to detect the malicious one or threats. Even after updating the Norton security product, if it shows the false report on your files or documents that you believe it as genuine, then kindly report it to the Symantec. To submit your false report, click the respective link based on the false report. The link may differ depending upon the exact detection or the alert that the user received.

What should do after submitting the false report?

A user, after submitting the false report should wait for some time, until you people receive the confirmation mail from the Symantec source. While at the same time, a user can try or check the files that are being reported as the infected file or the malicious one. If you confirm that the file is safe and genuine, do the following operation.

Turn off Download Intelligence

  • Start Norton
  • Click settings
  • In the settings window, click firewall
  • On the Intrusion and Browser Protection tab, next to Download Intelligence, click on the slider to turn it Off
  • Select apply
  • In the Security Request dialog box, in the Select, the duration drop-down list, select the time period that you want to turn off Download Insight for, and then click OK.
  • If you are certain that the file is good, remove it from the Norton security scan and click ok
  • Click close


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