Norton Security Update Causes Problems with Windows


While following the windows updates released on January 4th, 2018, some people ran Norton Security on their windows device update and many have experienced severe problems including graphics display that went bad, and etc. having an antivirus software on user’s device is much important but it looks like Norton Antivirus have many conflicts with Windows. If you people are the Windows user and have Norton security antivirus software installed on your device, you may get to meet several problems. So you have to take a look at this to get the clear solution for your device to perform efficiently. When discussing with users who have Norton security installer on their Windows device, they are unable to receive the updates on Insider. It is the huge problem as you people can see since you won’t use any new features that Microsoft Windows is going to be introduced. At the same time, it may leave the user system make vulnerable and to slow down its processing.

These problems may arise due to compatibility issues that Norton Security has with Windows. And moreover, this problem is common, especially with Windows 10 users. To fix these problems, there is still some way to get rid of this.

If Norton Security is not compatible with Windows, switch to Microsoft defender!

If your Norton security is not working properly, and if you are unable to receive and insider updates, then you will not be able to try any updates that Microsoft will release in the future. For this, the only solution you people can do is to remove Norton security installer completely from your Windows device especially windows 10. In some cases, it happen Norton security will work well with non – Insider program at that time, it is better to leave it as it is since you can use all its features and new features that Microsoft may release. But who wants to use the Insider program, it is advisable that to completely uninstall the Norton Security and use some other antivirus software program. It is suggested that using Windows Defender with Malware bytes may help you to protect your device and will be able to work well with Insider program.

As you people can see, having the Norton Security Antivirus software on your windows device causes quite problems but uninstalling it from your Windows device can completely help you to rid of this problem on you PC device. But instead after updating to Windows 10, Microsoft provides windows user the option of using Microsoft Defender Program as the default Security to their device. Use can this antivirus software and get to achieve the benefits from the Microsoft defender program which works well with Insider Program.

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